Flowers from the field and byways…

byway: a minor road or path.

field + byway is creative floral studio located in Tacoma, Washington. Inspired by wild and untamed beauty found on backroads, fields of flowers, humble gardens and wild places. I’m after lushness, a little wildness, harmonious colors, movement, natural forms- the best of nature, thoughtfully arranged. I believe that in seeing this beauty all around us, we connect back to nature and in a sense, ourselves.

I’m Sarah York, the owner and designer at field + byway. I’m inspired by the beauty in the unexpected places and the abundance nature brings each season. I have a background in Art History and Textile Design and bring that varied history and aesthetic to my work. I am passionate about sourcing seasonal and local flowers, from the fields and byways, while keeping waste to an absolute minimum, and creating something beautiful and unique.


Dried flowers are a beautiful, textural and sustainable choice any time of year! I dry many of my own unique varieties and source the best dried flowers to create everlasting arrangements you can enjoy long after the day of your event. I love incorporating dried elements into most of my work! And am particularly fond of dried personal flowers and crowns.

At field + byway, we are committed to incorporate sustainability in everything we do.


We source most of our ingredients from the farmers who make up the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market. These lovely, local farmers have the most beautiful and unique flowers year round, and also gather some flowers from Oregon and California to fill in during the winter in Washington. Local flowers are fresher and more beautiful as they have been bred for beauty, scent and variety, not ease of shipping. We also work with flowers from other local farms, as well as our own small but mighty cutting garden and foraging along the backroads and alleys.


To us, sustainable is a goal to always be working toward. We never use floral foam, grow our own no-till garden, and try to eliminate or minimize our waste, plastic usage and re-use whenever possible. We are not always perfect but strive to do better for the earth and each other everyday

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